Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Obsessed by Big Men's Pecs & Nipples

The idea of melon-sized Pecs on Muscled Men drives me crazy - to 'the brink' and back all over again ;-)
I've seen BodyBuilders running in the countryside with nothing to hide their massive chests - each Man's image has somehow been burned into my memory and I can 're-watch' them when I feel that sexual brink is near ;-)

I function in a hectic world - I keep a responsible job and I manage to maintain a relatively healthy lifestyle but during my time off, and time alone, I find my mind wandering to that which I crave and desire so very strongly - Muscle Men with Massive Pecs and big nipples. I'm male, 36 and have had this craving for the male chest since I was a young boy - maybe this is a true fetish, who knows. What I do know is that the developed chest of a Big Man is enough to cause more than a stirring in my loins.
I have big pecs too - and, if I say so myself, I have wonderful nipples and male-breasts. I've been photographed and still find it crazy to see pics and movies of my own pecs splattered across the Internet. Most shots are cropped to show my tits at their full size... but it's still an odd feeling to see part of my own anatomy being shared around the world on web sites. An odd feeling indeed!
I 'cultivated' my own pecs and nipples because it was the thing I was driven to see on others and when I take my shirt off in public the reactions from some men are interesting too - the sight of Big Pecs is too much for some people to bear silently - me included!
Some people find the sight of Big Pecs to be repulsive, but to me they are the highest form of artistic sculpture - defined, heavy, preferably rounded and full and they are my true obsession - both on myself and other Men. To watch a Man with Big Pecs running is enough to cause me to shout, whistle and (on many occasions) scream after them to wait for me to join the jogging, shirtless of course. Watching pecs bouncing and also the incredible sight of Pecs being flexed is almost literally hypnotic for me.

Yes, I'm obsessed and for as long as I can remember I always have been - the male chest is both stunning in its beauty and incredibly erotic.
So why are YOU here...? ;-)

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